What exactly is ‘Doxgate’?

This article was written under the old DEFCON style system, therefore may be out of date by modern metrics.
If you were wondering why this isn’t in our previous tongue-in-cheek style of reporting, please see our FAQs

Report: Several key members of ModelUSGov find themselves forced to leave and/or are banned after a huge doxxing scandal is uncovered, SALTCON 1 is announced as ModelUSGov melts down amidst mass discord bans and chat locks.

Edit: This drama is also being referred to as Oniongate and Memegate

As the morning broke in sunny England, we were slow to discover that America had undergone turmoil very similar to our own ‘Dupegate’ scandal. It turns out that in a shadowy chat called “the meme squad”, many senior moderators and modelusgov members had conspired for years against other members.

The members of this chat had participated in organized doxxing before and after becoming moderators and orchestrated grand plans to perform in-game and meta takeovers of the sim.

The easiest way to demonstrate the influence of this group is to follow AdmiralJones42‘ chronological account of key events. I have emboldened the most dramatic parts.

  • Meme squad orchestrates the first Sunrise coalition to get one of their own members elected President (it worked!)
  • DidNotKnowThatLolz retires, MDK is installed in his place
  • Meme squad takes a dislike to MDK takes the lead on already existing #NaytoMDK movement, MDK is harassed so thoroughly that he quits before he gets his VoC
  • NateLooney (not a proper member) takes up the Head Mod role but leaves after a while
  • MoralLesson becomes Head mod and two meme squad members (Ed and Didicet) become triumvir
  • Several members began to doctor photos of people IRL, dox them and apparently send them death threats
  • WaywardWit approaches the mods to complain about being doxxed and threatened, the mods (who are in the meme squad) do nothing about it and claim that they will ‘try to find the person responsible’
  • AdmiralJones42 claims that to his knowledge, vote counts were not changed or rigged, but does concede that the squad plotted to install Bigg-Boss(also a member) as president
  • Meme Squad doxxes a member and his father, so much so the member leaves
  • The squad splits after infighting into a new chat.
  • The squad is blown by AdmiralJones42

So to recap, a group of friends cojoled and collaborated to take over ModelUSGov in sim and in meta, succeeded and has ran amok with serious rule violations. Mod sponsored doxxing essentially.

It’s difficult to say how deep this goes, several have admitted doing these terrible things, some have stayed silent, some have denied it. There are of course images to back these claims up, we have however chosen not to publish them as they contain the doxxing photos.

Most of the mods who participated have been removed/resigned and we have seen several resignations/apology, some have also refused to leave/resign and protest their innocence posts shown below,

In terms of International response, MHOC has banned all those involved permanently (some received a 12 month ban), CMHOC has followed suit, as of so far ModelUSGov hasn’t banned anyone as it is still working out what to do under its new interim triumvir team led by CincinnatusOfTheWest. Some of these bans have affected MHOC quite heavily, with the NUP having to be given an extension for the upcoming devolution elections as the bans include both of their regional leaders.

This has, all in all, been a very dark time for ModelUSGov, several top moderators, key members and illustrious alumni have been outed as serial rule breakers of the cardinal rule that the Model World tends to cherish as its one universally respected rule.

It is important to note that while we will endeavour to make edits to clarify the story, we are basing this story off what has been published by those involved, please take all accusations with a grain of salt and if you wish for us to amend/clarify just contact me. We are aware a lot of information provided by AdmiralJones42 may be correct, but not accurate and/or not show the full story.

“Do not give us more credit than we deserve. In the end, this was a group of bored college and high school kids getting their laughs by trolling and being dickheads. There’s nothing more to it than that. There is no honor amongst thieves. I apologize for my role in all of this, but I do not seek forgiveness, as I don’t think it would be right to ask for it.” -AdmiralJones42


Credit to Pellaken who built a solid report that I have used as basis for this.

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